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M i s s i o n ,   V i s i o n ,   &   v a l u e s


Connecting People with Jesus for Life. 


5 Points of Connection (Modeled by Jesus)

Christ - 1 

Confidants - 3

Connect Groups - 12

Congregation - 120

Community - 5,000


Values are not what we do but they characterize everything we do. Values create filters for decisions, and springboards for action.


Jesus Changes Everything - we live for authentic transformation

  • demonstrated by celebration stories and baptisms

  • demonstrated by those far from God, finding relationship with God

  • demonstrated by driving what we do; if life change isn’t happening, we don’t do it

2 Peter 1:4

Spirit Led - we desire to worship in spirit and truth 

  • demonstrated by helping members assess and use their spiritual gifts

  • demonstrated by using spiritual gifts in love 

  • demonstrated by worshiping with freedom and in order

1 Corinthians 12-14

Prayer Powered - we listen when God speaks

  • demonstrated by we stop other things we do and pray-interrupts corporate and personal schedules

  • demonstrated by being strategic in prayer

  • demonstrated by its being personal

1 John 5:14-15

Family Focused - we partner to grow spiritually healthy people

  • demonstrated by Marriage Mentoring, parental resources

  • demonstrated by being kid friendly

  • demonstrated by partnering with the whole family to grow and serve

Deuteronomy 6:5-9

Embrace Opportunity - we welcome every challenge with courage

  • demonstrated by willingness to try new things

  • demonstrated by competitive spirit that goes the distance

  • demonstrated by our faith in God expecting an exponential return

Joshua 1:9, Luke 6:38

Community Builders - we join our neighbors to make an eternal difference

  • demonstrated by opening our campus/facilities to public events

  • demonstrated by community leaders in our church

  • demonstrated by ministry projects and partnerships

Genesis 48:4

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