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Take a look at what we are doing with missions and how to connect.

M i S S I O N S

Welcome to Connection Church M-Groups!

We thrive on connectivity – the activity of connection. Here you can connect with local, national, or international opportunities to connect others with Jesus for life because we know Jesus changes everything.


We are Community Builders and partner with numerous local ministries who serve the people of Columbia and Maury County.

C I T I E S - L O C A L


Maury United Ministries – Enlisting drivers from Christian congregations in Maury County, TN to provide free transportation to those in need in our community. Transportation Freely Given. "Changing lives, one ride at a time!" "Many, doing a little, can do a lot!"


thriftLOVE provides an employment platform for those with special needs and/or disabilities to offer their talents to benefit both themselves and their community.


Bright Apple provides healthy snacks for Maury County students every school day, so that children are able to focus on things other than basic necessities. It is their mission to stop hunger in school and be a piece in solving the education and achievement gap in Maury County and beyond.


OneGenAway is a mobile food pantry that seeks to eliminate food insecurity by bringing healthy food to families that currently do not have adequate access to food due to economic, social, and physical barriers.

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The Family Center is dedicated to empowering individuals to break the cycle of poverty by providing immediate hands-on assistance, particularly with crises stemming from poverty, and focuses on teaching families how to solve problems and restore stability.


The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Tennessee strive each day to positively impact you, strengthen families, and enrich Maury County, one child at a time by encouraging each child to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible, citizens.


Room in the Inn offers shelter and support to Maury County residents experiencing homelessness.


431 Ministries tends to the needs of the overlooked and underserved women of Middle Tennessee by providing safety and stability, giving them hope and a plan for an independent future.

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The JetPack Project is a backpack food program providing nutritious, non-perishable food to hungry children of food-deficient households for the weekend during the school year. Packs of food are discreetly placed in a child's backpack or locker for them to take home.

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Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee provides practical assistance for women and men experiencing unplanned pregnancy, dealing with pregnancy issues in the past, or planning for the future.

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Freedom Reigns Ranch believes in igniting hope with the help of a horse by providing mentor sessions, free-of-charge, to children and young adults who have been through trauma and life-challenges.

C o u n t r y  & 

C O N T I N E N T S 

We Embrace Opportunity to bring Jesus to a hurting world through national and international partnerships.

C O U N T R Y   -   N A T I O N A L

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Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ, committed to helping fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them out to win and build others; and helping the Body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship. Ryan and Mary Rose are currently ministering at college campuses in Boston, MA to serve and connect international students to Jesus.

Get Connected

1. Lead a team or volunteer to go on a short-term mission trip to Boston, MA

2. Sign up for Ryan and Mary's newsletter and pray for their needs.

Contact: Ryan Rose.


C O N T I N E N T S   - 


Guatemala Missions: Connection Church partners with Shalom Baptist Church in Guatemala City, Guatemala to connect people with Jesus. Our goal is to come alongside the local church in the community of Las Conchas to share the gospel, care for the sick, and facilitate community development projects to establish a God centric resource in that community. For more information visit their Facebook Page.

Get Connected

1. Volunteer to go on a short-term mission trip - TBD Summer 2023

2. Prayer to grow the kingdom throughout Guatemala through Shalom Church in Guatemala City and in Los Conchas, Guatemala

3. Financial giving through Connection Church

Contact: Crystal Waller.


Hope for The World Foundation's mission is to reach people for Christ by providing basic physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through mentoring, discipling, and most of all, loving people right where they are when they need it most. Connection Church has participated in short-term mission trips in Albania and other nations in the Balkin Islands.

Get Connected

1. Volunteer to go on a short-term mission trip - TBD Summer 2023

2. Prayer

3. Financial giving through Connection Church

Contact: Eric Nichols.

Prayer Powered.

Spirit Led.

Your consistent prayer matters for missions at Connection Church.

Pray for those who serve and volunteer with our local partnerships.

Pray for those who serve throughout our state and country.

Pray for our international partners.

Pray for those who go on a mission trip from Connection Church. And perhaps as you pray, you may even feel the Holy Spirit nudging you to join the next mission trip.

As a Family Focused congregation, Connection Church encourages you and your family to serve in the M-Groups by volunteering, praying, financially supporting, and going on mission with us! 


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